Friday, January 17, 2014

The Best Laid Plans ....

Remember the saying "best laid plans of mice and men" ... well that is where I am today.  I had planned to blog more this year but as the days and evenings wear on, it seems the time escapes me.  Oh how I miss being able to share and write more however, I am not beating myself up ... I will just write as I can.

Life is going well for me.  The weather here in Texas has been rather 'iffy' ... it doesn't know "if" it wants to be cold or warm so I am just taking the days as they come along ... whatever the weather. The grass is all dormant so it's pretty brown and crunchy and I am kinda glad.  I've working in the house ... cleaning, organizing and YES purging.  I don't want to think myself a hoarder but it does seem in some respects I might be ... NOT a hoarder like is on that TV show - Hoarders: Buried Alive. If you know me personally, you know that I would NEVER ever be that way.  I'm a Type A personality about my house being clean ... open a closet or cabinet door and you might see differently <just kidding>. Currently I believe all my closets and cabinets are neatly organized.  Due to the fact that sometimes it seems absolutely impossible for me to get everything done anymore, I have actually hired a house cleaner.  Today is her first day to clean and she is AMAZING and she is so sweet and easy to talk with.  She works hard and has cleaned so well.  And my house smells amazing ... which I love.  AND I didn't have to do it.  I am by no stretch a lazy person at all but I am tired of trying to keep up with so much.  So for now, I am allowing myself a house cleaner.  Judge me if you want ... and when you are finished judging <smile> contact me and I'll give you her contact information.  <smile>  She's great!

I go back for my four month oncology checkup the end of this month.  I am in my second year of survival.   I am currently trying to lose some weight <I'm not obese but my BMI is above the good mark of 25>.  Besides my clothes have gotten a little snug and I don't like that.  I started walking again and that in itself makes me feel good plus I believe I will begin to see a difference in my weight.  In February I go for my six month check up with my surgeon.  The doctors offices all tell me that they like my personality and bubbly disposition so they want me to keep coming.  <smile>

My grandbabies are growing like little weeds and they are learning things right and left.  I believe I probably have the cutest and smartest grandbabies around.  I'm sure you may think the same about your grandbabies.  <big smile>  I have a good friend who sent me a little poem and I want to share it with you.  I know all grandparents who read this post will agree with me that the poem captures a grandparent very well.  My prayer is that if a young parent reads this, they will realize just how important the young years of their wee ones are and will also take time to spend with their children.

You know I love the technology world as much as anyone <well for the most part> but it has really begun bothering me when I constantly see young people always on their cell phone while eating with family or friends or when they are sitting beside their little child who is probably just begging to be recognized.  These cell phone addicts cannot sit in a family circle and talk face to face for fear of missing out on something in other people lives.  I would like to tell them ... There is NOTHING going on in anyone else's life more important than your own.  Put the phone down and realize how blessed you are that you have family and friends ... and don't forget that little one who craves as much attention as you give your phone.

I have embarked on something new ... well not really new because I've had them before but it has been years.  I bought a 15 gallon upright aquarium and I absolutely love it.  I put it all together last Saturday, got my first two fishees <smile> on Tuesday and today I found one of them dead.  After having my water tested at the fish place, it is testing out good.  YEA!  When I told Marianne at the fish place about my black phantom tetra dying last night and handed her my baggie of aquarium water to test, she said did this just come out of your aquarium?  I said, yes ... why?  She said it's kinda cold.  COLD ... I have a heater in there and was told by someone <not a fish expert> to keep the temperature between 72 and 76 ... well that's not the case.  The real fish expert, Marianne, said the water should be between 78 and 80.  HELLO~! The poor little fishee probably died from hypothermia.  If it had to happen, I'm glad it was him because he cost $4.99 as opposed to $9.99 like the one that survived.  I am currently heating the aquarium to a more desirable temperature for the little fishees.  

I have also been painting the inside of my house.  I've painted the den and the kitchen and what a difference it has made.  Of course painting always does.  I plan to get through most of the remainder of the house by the spring and I want to get my covered patio caulked and painted and set up like I envision it.   

Something that has been weighing heavy on my mind for a while now is ... bullying.  We hear so much about young children being bullied in schools these days and that is such a tragedy.  Have you ever stopped to think that bullying is not just about children ... it is also about adults.  It has happened to me twice in recent times by adults and it is absolutely awful.  Terrible!  I cannot even begin to imagine being bullied as a child after my experiences as an adult.  The bullying I have experienced in both situations is yelling and screaming when the person doesn't get their way or they know they are incorrect about something so they yell and scream to back me down.  I have tried desperately to keep the bully(s) from yelling and screaming at me and was just trying to with flow.  But there are times that it gets too much to handle.  I am a person that when I've had enough, I've had enough.  I would like to say today ... I've had enough.  I will no longer be bullied by anyone.  I am a firm believer that you should treat others the way you want to be treated --- that we should follow the laws and rules that are set before us --- that you should appreciate the kindness of others and show kindness to ALL ... not just certain few and last but NOT least --  that no one deserves such wrath as that which a bully can hand out.  It's hard ... it's very hard to be bullied, it makes one cower down and want to escape but sometimes there is no escaping.  Bullying can happen anywhere ... school, home, work, social events, sporting events ... anywhere. Bullying is not always physical, it is verbal and emotional also.  So if you are being bullied or your child says they are being bullied ... take action.  NO ONE deserves to be bullied.  Speak up and speak up loudly. 

I am so enjoying the Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class that I am now attending.  I have learned so much and made new friends who love Jesus and love studying His word.  I believe God puts us exactly where He wants us to be when we need to be there.  I know that I am where I am supposed to be. While we are on the subject, I have moved my membership to a new church recently and am ready to get involved.  I'm looking forward to what God has in store for me.

Proverbs 16:9 ... The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.  

Thank you Lord for leading me with Your almighty wisdom.  


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Book ...

A new book, that is how we can look at the new year.  The new book has a very significant author ... YOU.  As you flip through your new book all the pages are blank.  Day by day, we and we alone, will write our book.  It will be in our own words.  At the end of the year, will the book be written so we would be proud for others to read or will it be one that we would prefer to tear the pages out one by one and throw in the burning fireplace.  We all have choices about how we handle each and every day of our lives.  Yes, life throws us curve balls ... we have a choice as to how we handle those curve balls. It is my prayer that anything life throws my way, I will hold my head high and handle it with grace and not allow a circumstance take me down.   

I will not look back at the year gone by but instead I look forward to the new year with excitement and anticipation.  Yesterday is gone.  Mistakes made I have lived through, blessings I have received have been rejoiced.  It is now time to look toward the new year ... I make no resolutions, no promises ... but instead I chose to live every second of this incredible life's journey as it comes.  I hope you do as well.

In this life we are all walking up the mountain and we can sing as we climb or complain about our sore feet.  Whichever we chose, we still gotta do the hike.  I decided long ago that singing made a lot more sense.  -- Author Unknown 

So my friends ... here's to singing as we walk and climb.  

Love and blessings.        HAPPY NEW YEAR!