Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Been Awhile ....

Hello ... anybody out there?  I feel like it's been forever since I've had the opportunity to write a blog post.  My desire is there but it seems I do not have enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to do.  Between the time factor and the energy factor sometimes something gets left out ... and well, lately it's been my blog.

So I got all my tomatoes, peppers, okra and herbs planted early and well guess what?  The frost got the peppers, tomatoes and okra ... not because I did not cover them because I did but because I was afraid to leave them covered all day so I uncovered them before I left for work and that's when they froze.  Booo!  Here's some really sad pictures of the poor things.  Top left - pepper  Top right - tomato  Bottom left another pepper and bottom right -- basil  So sad ... but never fear after a replant and we are back in business.

 The newest raised garden that I made last weekend.  OH yea, I made the trellis' too.  At the base of each leg is squash and cantaloupe.  Picture below I planted strawberries under the trellis'.

Left --- squash up  close

Below --- strawberry plant up close.

an old sewing basket/
hat box.  Planted
pink flowers to go
with the pink box and it's sitting on an old wooden chair under my one and only tree in the back yard ... a Texas Ash.

 Left - herb bed
 with strawberry jar that I found on the curb at the head of the bed and flowers at the foot.

Below - strawberry jar up close.  The strawberries are little but they are so sweet.
 In the feed sacks are onions and in the pots are egg plant.
 I saw this idea at the feed store where I buy my plants.

Left - Here' my chives
that wintered
well and came back.

Below - Tomatoes in tomato cages ... I won't make the same mistake as last year and not use tomato cages.  I planted 10 tomato plants... may seem crowded but who cares?  Not me!

 Left - Pepper garden with about 12 or 13 pepper plants.  The most fragrant Pinks are planted down the middle.  The other little clusters of flowers are Phlox.

Aren't the chickens a cute touch in the garden?  I'm looking for more to put in the other beds.  These were FB online garage sale finds.
Left - Pinks up close.
They remind me of
miniature carnations and they smell so good.

Below -- Alyssum, little white flowers, that came back from last year.  I could not believe it.
Left -- the picture is way up close  but there is a sugar snap pea.  The sugar snaps  are now producing.

Below -- cabbage and other greens like turnip and chard.

 Left -- red leaf
lettuce, romaine
and curly leaf lettuce.

Below-- Curly leaf and romaine lettuce.

The two rockers that I got for a good deal on Craigslist.  See the grand littles rocker in the middle?

The chicken wreath on the back gate - FB online garage sale find.

Left -  The center of the patio
with the two wicker
chairs I bought at an
estate sale for a steal.
Pretty fresh flowers in the center.

Below -- the patio fountain surrounded by lettuce and flowers.

Below --- it's always fun to sit somewhere besides the patio and look at the gardens, bird feeders and flowers from a different perspective.  I was sitting in front of the shed on the west side of the yard and looking east.  I love doing this.

So the gardens are the reason I've been missing.  I've been very busy and I absolutely love sitting out in my back yard and watching the birds.  This evening I was sitting out there admiring God's beauty and a pair of cardinals flew up and sat on the back fence.  I was watching them and they chattered at each other and then they kissed and the female flew away.  The beautiful red male sat there a minute and looked around and then he followed.  Smart guy (bird)!  This is a picture I found on the internet.  I was so enthralled in watching them, I didn't even try to get my camera pulled up on my phone to snap a picture.  

I continue to be very thankful for where I am today.  I am healthy and content with my life ... as boring as it may be to others ... it's my life and I love it.  God is good and I leave it all to Him to handle ... I mean after all ... Matthew 6:26 says ... Look at the birds of the air; they do not sew or reap or store up in barns, and yet our Heavenly Father feeds them.  So who are we to worry ...

Below is a little short video of my fountain as it trickles its water and the birds singing and the chimes blowing in the wind.  I love all these sounds ... to me they are peaceful.  And the water feature must be because I am a Pisces <smile>.

I pray for those who are newly diagnosed with dreadful breast cancer or any other cancer or dreadful disease.  If you are reading this ... know that I am praying for you.  You are loved, you are strong, and you will get through this ... Ask our Father and He will never leave you.

Would love to hear from you ... leave me a comment ... and if  you chose not to ... be blessed and be a blessing.