Sunday, July 31, 2016

As August Approaches ...

RETIREMENT - Today I am one month shy of being retired for one full year.  The year has passed so quickly.  It seems I turned around twice and here I am.  It has been a wonderful year.  I loved working but I do not miss the high stress, unhappiness in the agency, countless hours of feeling sad because some of the issues I dealt with were out of my hands.
I keep in touch with some of the folks I worked with and they are such an enjoyment.  I cannot wait for the day that they all can join the blessed retirement life.

Hot summer days are what we are experiencing in Texas right now and August begins tomorrow. This is the time of year that I say that I'm over the heat but it will still be another couple months before we feel any sort of cooling down.  Last fall I had a sprinkler system put in my front yard and what a blessing that has been.  I built sprinklers the year before out of PVC and still use those in the back yard. The sprinklers are almost like having a sprinkler just have to move it.

KINDERGARTEN ANGELS - I have two little grand angels starting kindergarten in August.  I find this rather difficult as their Grammy and I know their parents do to.  When I started this blog in 2010 they were 11 months old. They are truly little angels ... every now and then their little halos slip but so does mine.  Not only do these grand angels start back to school but so does their Mommy's.  It's been such a wonderful summer.  Being retired is really wonderful when your daughters are teachers and have the entire summer off.   The photo was taken in September 2010 after I found out I had bilateral breast cancer.

God bless and thanks for reading this little snippet of a blog post. I loved writing my blog and hope to continue now.

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